"Man of Steel"

I just saw the movie, and it was plodding at times, if not corny. Still, the overall plot was a nice change from the usual origin story, and the fight scenes were good. I would give it a 5 or 6 out of 10.

The first two Christopher Reeve movies are still the standard - I never get tired of watching them.
VFX porn.. very little more than that. Oh, and it reeked of "Michael Bay Camera Syndrome".. ie: "Hmm, we need some tension here, oh I know, lets get the camera as close as possible and shake the f%@$ out of it!"

Had it not been so overly hyped it may have left a better impression on me, but as it is I felt it wasn't worth the price of admission, not even a little bit.
I too thought it was VFX porn. I love Jonathan Kent's death (no spoiler there really), as I thought scenario was very good, and better than the original 1978 film. But everything in Superman is just not as good, and I hate how he has no Clark Kent persona, as was pointed out.
The scale was all wrong. I know everybody wants 'epic' superhero movies, but this one was just too epic, and wasn't really a superhero film at all. It's an alien invasion movie, except that unlike most of those the humans have no role in the battle or any way to fight back - they basically have no choice but to sit around and hope not to get crushed during the battle. It just felt like it failed to put the 'man' in superman.