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Machine Learning - Retro Futuristic Low Budget Sci Fi Short Film

A lone astronaut jettisoned in an escape craft contends with an all in one survival device, hellbent on creating its own life form.

Created as an extremely low budget sci fi short film, this film was a very fun and exciting challenge. I wanted to do something with one set, one actor and see if I could make something engaging out of it. We used coffee cup holders for the walls, which were inspired by previous work with Joel on Infinitus. My pal Stefo Livorni, my wife Alicia, and I all spent countless hours and days putting the walls up in my basement garage. Funny thing was, we weren't supposed to do that.... And the Real Estate office demanded I take them down. Luckily, I planned out our shooting days well before their demanded take down date... And we were off to the races! Michael Oilar was a phenomenal presence for this film, and he portrayed isolated insanity very well. He was extremely professional and a blast to work with, even though this shoot wasn't meant to be a big production, he made us all feel like Hollywood level. Alicia was unable to be the monster this time because of her claustrophobia (should have thought of that before), but the amazingly limber Stefo Livorni was able to pull through and don the coveted slime/glue covered monster that we all came to love as "Egg Head". Lighting master Alex Thibou joined us, and was able to give us our beautiful neon color vibe he is so fond of. It looked phenomenal. Rachel Beranich lended her amazing FX makeup skills to create our petri dishes of horror and that badass eyeball near the middle of the film. And finally Josh Hughes gave us his signature editing magic to create a fast paced and finalized film that I am extremely proud of and satisfied with. Something that started so small, ended up like this!? I freaking love it. Thank you all so much for helping out with this production, and I hope you enjoy the film.

Director - Cameron Currin
AD - Alicia Currin
Editor - Josh Hughes
"Roy" - Michael Oilar
Egg Monster - Stefano Livorni
FX Makeup - Rachel Beranich
Lighting - Alex Thibou
"Doo do doo" Song - Conner Baumgardner

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt15304038...

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CONGRATS! Opening sequence is awesome, titles, etc. Didn't get the time to watch yet.