LOOKiT - Between Two Magnets (Live From The Basement | Session 3)


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Very cool! I thought the shallow depth of field (like the closest hand blurry on the keyboard) was not needed and for some reason even distracted me, but great video!
Won't comment on the song, as it's not at all my kind of music, but I have a few observations about the video. :bag:

First of all, I like what you've done with the colour palette, and the lighting (with the exception of the excessive brightness of the big window, for example at 1m and 3m24s). I was not distracted by the shallow depth of field used for some of the close-ups; rather, I think it's quite effective ... but I was distracted by the overuse of (what I presume was) a slider, especially where the camera movement had no relationship to the rhythm of the song.

In fact, I found the camerawork/editing as a whole very distracting, as it seemed to accentuate a lack of intimacy between the band members. Going by the footage, they're not interacting with each other at all :scared: and neither do they appear to be interacting with the audience through into-the-lens shots. The wide shots emphasise this, e.g. at 1m02s where each musician looks like he's in his own little world.

When you're at a live performance, you can pick an choose what part of the scene/performance to focus on (eyes closed, listen to the music; feel the beat, dance and ignore the musicians entirely; or zoom in on the keyboard/fretboard fingerwork 🎸 ) In a video, that choice is taken away from the viewer, so the camera angles - and choice of shots - becomes much more important. In this video, I felt that the shots of the hands doing their work were cut short too often (or cut out, in the case of the guitarist), while there was too much screen time given to heads singing into empty space!

Full disclosure: the kind of music events I attend are very interactive - artists with each other, and with the audience - so I'm probably finely-tuned into this aspect of the performance.