Looking for Writers/ Showrunners


We are Candivan. We are going to produce and stream low-budget web television series. Shows made by the artists and decided on by the viewers. Our main goal is to help creators get their shows made.

If you have an idea for a TV series, we’d love to have you pitch it to us. We’re looking to produce several pilots for our launch.

Or if you know any other writers who’d be interested, please send them our way.

We’re at www.candivan.com

Happy to answer any questions, but we also have a FAQ on our page. I look forward to hearing from you!


Interesting. So you could be a writer/showrunner on your own web series that Candivan will produce if they like your pitch.
Though you wouldn't get paid, it looks like an opportunity to get your show produced.
I'd be curious to know what the forum's professional writers & producers think of this.