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critique Looking for feedback on a short film script I wrote titled We Don't Talk about Eddie- 9 page drama, suspense.

It's a lot of talking without anything actually happening, and I think you can do more with it.
Make us believe Eddie is creepy/scary. Right now, he just likes to sit in the shadows.

Put actions in their own line, rather than as parentheticals.
Example re Kate: she points over to Eddie's shadowy figure in the corner.

Do you mean that the mom wears 50's style clothes, like a poodle skirt and a sweater set? Or she wears contemporary clothes but with an apron?

Don't include anything in the action sequences that can't/won't be seen on the screen. Examples:
It's a one story house (include an establishing shot if that's relevant),
Kate regrets sitting up quickly. Stick to describing how that's apparent.
How can we feel Eddie's eerie presence? There's nothing to substantiate that.
How does the "vibe" in the room intensify? How will you show that?

I hope that helps.
Thanks for the feedback!
* I mean she wears contemporary clothes but acts like a traditional housewife.
* I'll make those changes about fixing up actions as parentheticals.
* I'm planning to direct this script so I was planning on messing around with the lights in the room to signify the eerie presence along with using suspenseful music. But I should put that in the script so the reader sees the images I see.
You might want to address where the girl says Fuck and no one cares, and then she says Crap, and it's a big deal about her potty mouth. I'm here to pick out the little stuff you might not see 😹
Also "Mom, have you seen my charger around today?" is a really awkward line. Just "Have you seen my charger?" works.