film-school Looking for an in-person workshop

I am working for a big firm as the all-singing-all-dancing multimedia person producing documentary and corporate film (from script to export) as well as photographer (in the field, no studio).

I have the fabulous opportunity to go on a week long training. I am looking for a masterclass, workshop, training course which will advance my knowledge. I am either looking for photography or editing techniques. I do know (most) buttons in Adobe Premiere and After effects, so I don’t need an explainer of editing. I am looking for a course to learn different editing techniques, or in-camera effects combined with smart editing etc. Basically anything that will make my videos more dynamic and better overall. It can be a course for several days, even a week. I am rather looking for a hands-on and in-person class and not online courses or youtube videos. I am well aware there is plenty of stuff online but my employer sends me on such a training with all expenses covered, so I am very much taking advantage of this ;)
I will also attach a few vacation days after the course so I am flexible about location no matter which country.

Many thanks for your ideas!