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This is the week 36 dalies reel. This week the main focus was starting to develop atmospheric godrays, and the set for the opening scene. In addition we did the first test of wind and rain, though it's only the very beginning of development on weather systems. For those just starting to follow this feed, the significance of the techniques shown in these demos is that once developed, they can be used in any future scene. In example, you can see the fog and lighting developed in the short film "The Search" now used inside the factory set. At the end you can see our first development footage of the godrays, which was later used to create the vintage future industrial look seen in the outdoor factory scenes.
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Are you a team of animated movies or game makers? It's so coooooool!
yes, and yes! We are making an animated film that splits off into different stories as the user makes choices along the way. We're currently building up our quality and skillsets to prepare for project launch.