animation Leap Day

Today marks the version 1.0 release of Unreal Engine 5. This is a historic day for filmmakers of all type, because from this point on, you are only a greenscreen away from any photorealistic location you can imagine. No more shall Indie films be restricted to the filmmakers home, property, and nearby public parks and roadways. The software is free, and the greenscreens and light are cheap!

I knew this was coming and started working on the beta a year back, which is why you have likely heard me refer to it before, but today is the day that it goes out for general use.

I know some may not know what the big deal is, since major tv shows were already in production with UE4, but this version 8 years in the making will be the first time in history that independent artists without large scale financing can create cinematic worlds with true ray or path traced light simulation. In English, it's finally going to look real enough to use with live action actors.

This is it 3 years ago - shown in practical cinematic use

I know people have seen me doing a lot of sci fi type stuff, but as you can see from the above videos, the new engine can provide sets for anything, including standard drama.