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Las Vegas IndieMeet 2014 (June 6 - 8)


Mike here (aka Scoopicman, Dr. and Stupid Guy). My wife and I host this at the house, each year. If any of my Indietalk friends want to hang out, let me know. Kick back, eat, swim, learn and network for a 3 day weekend. Bring your best short movie(s) and/or do a presentation, preferably 15 minutes or less, per each subject. You can do more than one. And, it's Free.



Anyone with a sleeping bag is welcome to stay at our place. Contact me, in advance, to check on available space.

Nearby hotels:

Santa Fe Station
Fiesta Rancho
Cannery Hotel


PM or email me for the address or other questions.
Email - vegasindiemeet@aol.com
Facebook - search for "vegas indiemeet"
Or click on the midnight sun home page, below.

Here's what happened, last year:

IndieMeet 2013 recap video
This is such an awesome event. :yes: And boy, did I have a great time at the 2010(?) IndieMeet.
I can't make it out this year and really hope it won't be a one-off for me.

Big congrats to you, Sheila and family on 10 years of opening your house and hosting such a cool event! I'm sure it will be a helluva lotta fun for all who can make it.


* great to see Stupid Guy again :)
Next Friday (June 6th) kicks off IndieMeet. We've been prepping for a while - just put a new Birch floor on the stage and there will actually be a play performed on it, this Saturday. Jimmy, the pyro guy, will have a display and my wife (Chef Sheila) is making a chocolate chip cookie pyramid!

Some very cool shorts will be premiering, including LEAD PAINT (Slickly written and shot and features some pro looking CG effects), QUINCY'S ROOM (a cool ghost story, which I helped on - shot in Lance Burton's home) and SHEEPDOGS!

SHEEPDOGS is a 25 minute short, where I play a Field Training Officer (FTO), opposite a rookie partner. I went to Texas to work on this. All the other cops are real! This is a movie that I am surprised got made, as it uses police cars (in pursuit), officers and a bunch of other cool stuff. My buddy is a cop and somehow got permission from his captain and the sheriff to shoot this. Amazing!


This is such an awesome event. :yes: And boy, did I have a great time at the 2010(?) IndieMeet.
I can't make it out this year and really hope it won't be a one-off for me.

Big congrats to you, Sheila and family on 10 years of opening your house and hosting such a cool event!

Thanks, Jeff! Hope to see you, soon.
Okay it's over! I'm recovering and here is some recap.

As usual, we start out with a bang:


We showed about 50 shorts. 17 of those were entrants for our A.D.D. Shorts Fest (5 minutes or less). Last year, there were only 3 entries. What a difference a year and some cash prizes make! Thanks to some contributors, there were donated movie scripts (JAWS, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, PULP FICTION, A FEW GOOD MEN, etc.) and DVDs, so everyone got a prize. My buddy, Garo, who works at a studio, once again brought a nice selection of Lionsgate movies to hand out.

Also again, making the trip from Washington state - FX artist, Langley West, doing a very cool demo on animating with cables:


So, who showed up? This was our 10th year and it was our second largest crowd, behind 2010 (the year that FEWDIO horror group came out). Remember young Spock, in STAR TREK 3? Yes, Stephen Manley was there. I was thinking of you, Dreadylocks!

Magician, Lance Burton, was there. The ghost movie, QUINCY'S ROOM was shot at his mansion:


Tim Colceri, the door gunner in FULL METAL JACKET ("How can you shoot women and children? Easy, I just don't lead em as much.") was there. Here is Tim (right side), pictured with Jed Curtis (on the left), who made a zillion movies in Germany, Italy, etc. (Jed speaks 15 languages.)


Jed also freaked out on my keyboards. Posing as some sort of phantom, here:

For a change of pace, Bryan Follins put on a play, based on his story, THE JOKERESS:


Richard McClure, from Bakersfield, Ca, has attended 9 of the 10 IndieMeets. He's a shy man, who sits in the background. This year, my wife, Sheila, coerced us to throw him into the pool. He got her back, though:


Hooking up sound:


Sampling Sheila's food:


Troma's new darlings - Mahal Empire group:

The movie, SHEEPDOGS (where I play the chubby cop), was not finished, but we still showed several scenes. Hey, Wheatgrinder. You're not the only one to shoot a Dodge Charger! :lol:

Here's me, as the FTO (field training officer), with a rookie cop:


Taser scene:


Another disturbance:


Let me tell you what made my day. I showed the Taser scene to a friend. He asked, "When do we get to see some scenes with you in them?" It made me feel good about my performance, as I'm no cop. I said, "Paul, I'm in the scene you just watched!"

We sure had a lot of great movies, this year, including this trippy one. LEAD PAINT: