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Kickstarter Hangups...

Update: A little over 2 days remain. I have learned many things about crowd funding.

#1- Movie Projects need movies: Every successful project I have seen has an excellent movie attached.

#2- If you are doing a comedy project you have to show that you can be funny: I have seen a couple really funny videos attached to successful campaigns.

#3- Family, Friends, and Followers matter: Crowd funding is about reaching out to your community and getting them excited about being involved.

#4- Indietalk has awesome members

I never expected to learn as much as I have. I never expected to feel as welcome as I do. Indietalk has been a godsend. While this project may or may not get funded, I know that because of the knowledge I have gained here my future projects and films will have a chance to better than I could have ever imagined.
$465 out of $500 with 32 Hours remaining, and I have been a busy bee.

I wrote "Four Steps for a successful Crowd funding campaign. I will paste it here, but I also placed it in the My Crowd Funding Experience Thread. It basically tells you what you should be doing versus what I initially did.


I vividly answered each and every comment in my kickstarter project queue.

I followed up all the questions I answered privately, and answered a couple more.

I am about to create a Final 24 Hours Project update.

While that is not a lot in the grand scheme of things, I am emotionally drained. There was much that I did wrong within this campaign. There were many things I just didn't consider.

Win, Lose, or Draw, this project will definitely spur me on to bigger and better things.

4 Steps to a Successful crowd funding Campaign

#1- Be Reasonable with your Goal:

Put Succeed before Need, and Need before Greed. It is easy to look at the money collected on Kickstarter and develop fantasies of unlimited financial gain. The reality of Kickstarter is that most projects fail.

Before you begin any project you should develop solid figures detailing what you need, and what similar projects have been getting. You should also consider what you are truly bringing to to table.

If you are a new director you are not usually going to receive the same level of consideration of a well known director. As such, you should allow your relative anonymity to factor into your crowd funding strategy.

#2- Steal, Steal, Steal

Good artists borrow. Great artists steal. Now, by stealing I don't mean you plagiarize someone's project. Plagiarism is bad. I mean you need to look at successful projects, see what they have in common, and include those common factors within your own project.

#3- Be a Video Vanguard

Your video is your first and, sometimes, last impression. If your video fails to initially get the attention of your viewer, you may have lost a backer. Likewise, if you create a stunning, but lengthy video, you run the risk of losing the interest of your potential backer.
Your best best is to create a short, informative, and entertaining video that allows the viewer to understand the importance of your project without lulling them to sleep.

#4- Keep Everyone Involved

Your Backers are your newly discovered extended family. Them backing you is just the beginning. Keep them involved with updates, comments, and challenges. Let them know that you appreciate them and all they have brought to the project.
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