Just another audio nerd!

Hi everyone!

My name is Sean and I'm located in Rexburg, Idaho. I started out as a composer wanting to focus on film scoring and trailer music. A few months after starting college I was hired to work at the school's broadcast and post production audio studios. Since then I've fallen in love with dialogue editing, sound design, Foley, and re-recording mixing.

End goal is to move down to Fort Worth and build a post production studio/small dubbing stage.

Looking forward to talking with you all and maybe working on a few projects!

~Sean Crone
Hi, Sean. Sound is the most elusive part of film making for me. I'll be sure to look for you when I can't figure out why my sound sometimes becomes muddy. I'm new here myself, so from one new comer to another, welcome :wait:

Thanks Blumkin!! Feel free to ask me things anytime. I'm still fairly a "new kid on the block" but I do have a good 3 years working audio-post and location audio mixing under my belt. Any questions I can't help with I'm sure some of the more seasoned members here can chime in, too!
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