[Jan 29] What are you working on this week?

My apologies, if I did anything wrong with last week's post. I guess it didn't belong in this section. But, for this week, I joined a Facebook Group for Magix Vegas Pro users. My hope is to get help, if I need it from other users.

I am also planning out this year's goals. I pretty much beefed up my HP Omen laptop with the new software packages with professional editing programs that are all non-subscription that works for me with an uncertain future. The rest of the year will be to beef up my Mac with Final Cut Pro and accessory software being offered with it. Final Cut Pro looks like the only professional editing program that is non-subscription.

Anyone else seeing fewer and fewer video sharing sites? Looks like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, and PhotoBucket are the only ones left.

I want to also promote myself making book trailers because it seems less competitive than indie film making. I believe I can make book trailers that are more industry competitive than indie films.

Last parts for the 7 inch... ow boy.

Also more work on my website this week.
What software is that?

This week I upgraded my Pro Tools setup from 10 to 12. So much nicer! I'm working on learning how to simulate a pyroclastic cloud in Blender for my Indie Rebel tutorials. Also wrote a sequel to my Transformers spoof short.
I'm thinking what I could produce for the final project of "Audiovisual art story". A shortfilm about some historical moment of cinematogrphy, an explanation about some phenomenon of cine, or maybe a narration with visual representations of the whole story. HAHA, some suggestion?
Gekkenhuis! @Feutus
What genre is that? Terror? ;)

This week:
a slow week: my girlfriend's brother got a baby, so we visited.

Lots of 'paperwork' the next few days.
Editing Instagram video ads for my music! Since I'm an audio guy I have to rely on free stock photo for quite a lot of stuff (!) Hope I'm not offending anyone in here. :)