[Jan 1] What are you working on this... year?


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Happy new year to all! 2017 was abysmal (family stuff not filmmaking/writing) so I'm really hoping 2018 is a big improvement!

I'm working on a re-write of an existing script and hoping the producer is successful in getting it funded - he seems optimistic but I'm not counting on anything. I've got another screenwriting gig lined up after this one but I'm trying not to get distracted by thinking about that one before I finish this one.

I'm helping to produce a short from a script of mine that hopefully will shoot later this month.

That's about as far down the road as I want to look right now :)
Oh, HAI, fellow filmmakers! I enjoyed reading up on the current projects of those posted so far and shall keep an eye on this thread. Nothing's changed for me since my last time stopping around these parts. Still in pre-production/screenwriting phase of next feature. Though the story is more developed than before, so I guess that's new. I haven't actually put pen to paper yet (other than to make The Board and a detailed outline), but the story is very much in place and complete.

Spoiler Alert:
She gets the girl and everyone lives happily ever after.
Today I mushed the English and Japanese translated versions of my script together, to make things more readable and easy to check whilst (hopefully) shooting in April.
A bit late, but I still mean it:
happy new year!

This year I hope to fund and make Koekjes.
(A lot happened this past year and it slowed me down a lot.)

Besides that I'll be participating in 48HFP Rotterdam in august.

Rest of the time it will be corporate video work, I guess, untill Koekjes is done. (Got some more ideas for short films :), but 1 at a time seems wiser :-p )
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Hoping to finally get Love & Marriage (my 48-hour feature project) filmed. I'm in talks with a potential co-producer at the moment. Fingers crossed she comes on board, and then I think we'll be in good shape to actually get it made! Also fingers crossed that my two lead actors will still be on board after putting things on hold last year.