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Is this a good short film idea?

Like theatre, because it happens in Britain in 1750 in a castle of king. The story is about one cheating guy who wears a blue-blooded guy and is looking a way out.
Two guys come and think he can help them, because they are in the same room with black people and say it is not what they like, because unlike them, they did always sleep in nice beds. He says is a magician and shows a game with yellow papers hung with threads which is a puzzle. They say will be gone to America and he says America is the future.
He then leaves to yard and cheat ones to eat his foods without paying the food price. He says that the man can give a play everybody does in that time and he watches. At last, he pays with the money he robbed from the same guy.
In the final scene, he gives a toxic to a little girl to kill her and make everybody lose attention on him. But with a surprise, she doesn't die and man asks questions about her to see if she lost her mind or not. She persists and stays a life for some time. Man says what the nice eyes you have. She answers thank you and describes everything is on change. She says someone from east comes and it is the future. And says time to go. And she runs to meet a nice woman.
Then It is shown she is dead on the ground...

That is a very, very wrong statement.

The statement is correct. Ideas can not be good or bad (therefore all ideas are good-proper). The "good" or "bad" factor is born after you create the story and it depend on the way you develop that idea.