Is my audio set-up complete? Any tips?

So I'm trying to get together a good audio set-up for a short film I'm shooting.
After a bit of research this is what I'm looking to get:

- Rode NTG3
- Zoom H4n Pro
- Rode micro boom pole
- Sony MDR-7510
- Rode WS7 Deadcat
- Lyxpro Balanced XLR cable Premium series 10ft.
- Rycote InVersion INV 7HG MkIII

So would this cover it or did I miss anything, whatsoever?

And are there any similar products out there for a better price or ones that would improve the audio quality?
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That's a good start. You have a good shotgun, perhaps you also need a good indoor mic. Are you gonna do the sound?
I'll be directing and handling the camera. I have zero experience regarding sound (hence this thread) so I'm looking to bring someone in to handle that aspect.

The film is gonna take place outdoors for the most part, so I hope this will do for now. I'll definitely be looking into indoor mics when my budget lets me.

That’s not even a thing that TASCAM offers. Do you mean Zoom?

You might look at the offerings Tascam does have in that range: the DR-60DmkII and the DR-70D. Look for the kits that come with bags from Strut, so you have a more elegant way to carry the recorder in production.
Wow I'm an idiot, I Googled it and could not for the life of me figure out what was wrong. After the 10th attempt I realised you were right.. it's the Zoom H4n Pro:lol:

But the DR-60DmkII would be preferable over the Zoom? That would be great considering the price.

It is my understanding that Tascam products are very difficult to obtain in Europe.
Not in my experience (which is admittedly limited), they're pretty widely available over here.
This might be a interesting episode to watch...
Thanks a lot! I'll definitely check this one out when I get home.

Then, before you sink money into low-cost gear, why not see if that someone also has a good audio kit they can bring with them?
I've thought about that too, but I'm gonna be shooting other videos as well and I don't wanna be dependant on a different person and whatever equipment they have available each time.

I'm looking to get a solid set and use this opportunity to learn some of the basics so I can do other low-profile shoots by myself.