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Is it possible to write this script idea to fit this budget?


When it comes to making a movie in 48 hours, how am I suppose to find cast and crew in 48 hours to even start with?

Like I said before: you gather cast and crew before the weekend starts, so you 'only' need to write, shoot and edit.
Make sure you have a few possible location you can use, so you can have a choice where your script happens.

Me and 1 of my friends gathered a team of 20. The last members were added on friday.
We did manage to create a short in 48hrs.
The result:
Okay thanks. I have been trying to do this. Where should I look for cast and crew in such a short amount of time. I have tried kijiji, craigslist and facebook, but I don't get enough responses in that short of time. Perhaps it's the city I live in and there is not as large of population to roll in responses quicker.

But is there a better website for doing it?
Why do you keep talking about 'in such a short time'?
You gather cast and crew BEFORE the 48 hours start.
We started asking people 2 months in advance. Only the last person was added on the day before the weekend started.