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Is 80 Pages too short for a horror screenplay?

Can someone give me some examples of a horror screenplay that was specifically 80 pages long? Because I have a horror script that is 80 pages long - it's not 90-100 pages but every page of the 80 pages is great...and I know that in screenwriting one page equals one minute, so 80 pages equals 80 minutes, but when I plan on filming the movie, it may actually be longer than 80 minutes because I think I will extend the duration of the climax action scenes going on in the film, from the duration that's actually written in the script. So is 80 pages ok for a horror script, considering it may actually be longer in minutes once filming starts? Has there ever been a horror script of 80 pages? And if so, can you name some?
You know One page is roughly a minue of screen time not exactly? If your script is 80 pages long it doesn't definitely mean it will be 80 minutes long, could be less could be more, depending on various factors. How frequent is the dialogue in your script? If there is lots of dialogue then this will probably mean it will be less than a minute depending on how these lines are executed. Whereas if there is an abundance of action occurring in your horror, which for horror the action speaks better than the dialogue, then it would probably turn out longer than 80 minutes. Again, just estimated.

Also if it is your first draft then it would need a couple more drafts anyway. Think about either revising it yourself carefully first seeing what you don't or don't like, and whether scenes can be extended for emphasis on the action - as you pointed out you already have in mind extending the ending. It's also important to have others read your work, mainly professionals who know exactly what they're looking for in the script. But if you just show it to friends to read through then I'm sure they will give you some important pointers and valuable opinions about what works and what doesn't.

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My script was only 50 pages and we got hour ten out of it. To me it's how about you see the script as a film.
In my opinion, horror films are usually too long, and have a lot of filler. I think, the shorter the better. Don't worry about length. Dialogue and credits will add a good 10 minutes. The rule is one page, one minute, but I often find the film to be longer than expected.

Anyway, I hope I can read the screenplay or see the film soon. Good luck.
Well thanks for the responses everyone, so I just wrote all I could think up for the script and I must admit, OK...it is VERY unique....and the horror script is KICK ASS....The problem? After editing, unnecessary dialogue, now It's only 66 pages long.....But now I know when I film it, it may end up being 80 or 90 minutes long, considering how, like I said, I plan on extending the length of time of the climatic action scenes in the film....So with that, is it bad that the screenplay itself is only 66 pages on paper? I mean it may be 66 pages but on film it could total out to 80 or 90...
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The questions you are asking about length are only relevant if you
are trying to sell the script. The length of the script is irrelevant in
your case. You're absolutely correct - your end product could be 80
to 90 minutes because YOU are making the movie. It is not bad that
your screenplay is only 66 pages.