Indie of the Month March - Music Video


Indie of the Month
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Indie of the Month!
A monthly competition with a new theme or challenge each month.

March is:
Music Video

Any music video! No restriction on when it was made. You know what they are, no need to ask what qualifies. Please, no copyright violations.

Requirements: You are director, producer, editor, or creator. If you are the talent or musical artist, please have the person responsible for production sign up and enter.

Entrants: You have 21 days to submit your entries, and up to 3 entries are permitted per member. Then voting opens.

To enter click Add Media on this page.

Voters: Voting begins after the submission period, you will see a button on each entry. Be sure to bookmark your faves! You will only have one vote so use it wisely! You will not be able to vote for yourself, and any improprieties will be detected*.

Most votes wins. Ties are broken by a 24 hour voting period.

You will see new posts in this thread when members enter, vote (choices hidden until end and displayed on the respective entry's page), and when the deadlines are approaching.

Winner receives:
  • 1 year indiePRO membership
  • A special IOTM membership with an "IOTM Winner" badge
  • A "Winner" ribbon over your entry
  • A "Winner" ribbon over your avatar for the month
  • A winning contest to add to your press kit
  • Bragging rights
Enter every month and if you win, you can extend your membership each time!


*Anyone caught manipulating the system will banned from indietalk. Do not even try!

Good luck!


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Cool entries! Don't forget you can enter more than one and even if you posted it here before. ;)


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Well VOTING IS OPEN! I just looked and the buttons are there on each entry. So no more entries, start voting! Not sure why the posts got messed up.