Indie of the Month February - Movie Poster

I know that I am torn between a couple different options. For me, we have a lot of great posters. Last month, I knew exactly which trailer I wanted to vote for, but this month is different. Do I vote for the poster that seems to represent the film's message best or the poster that I would most want on my wall?


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It's really up to you. Once you start laying down criteria it gets messy. Example, one person may vote for the best art, and another for best layout, and another for grasping the plot by the imagery. If I actually stated that you should vote for best art and those people stated they voted for other reasons people would cry foul. ;) SO the criteria is up to YOU! :)
I was only giving my own personal criteria. I wasn't looking for criteria to be given for the contest. I think the same way about movie posters in general.

I keep going back and forth on a couple of different ones. I should just pull the trigger on one.


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