Indiana Colleges?

Hey guys, I'm a senior in Indiana and i hope to be going into college and double majoring in Video production (Film) and Marketing.

Now my two picks are Ball State University, or Butler University.

Can anybody from Indiana/Knows the schools, help me out.


I am from Ball State and I think its been a great choice for me. With the opening of the Dave Lettermen Building, TCOM (telecommunication) majors now have access to 6 HD editing and recording suites. These are the same ones used in Nashville and on the East and West Coast. The Faculty are some of the nicest and most educated in their fields, and their placement rate is excellent.

Ball State at the university level is really improved greatly in the past few years. The improvements in student life, rec services, dorms, and changes to the core classes have really challenged the old thinking that BSU was the other "big school" in the state. It had really become one of the best school, not only in the state, but in the Midwest. Please, take a day to visit ad see first hand the great campus we have.
yeah i'm going to take a visit to Ball St.
I've been to Butler, and they have a pretty nice building, but i'm wondering how much it will help me....

Hey John, what's the class size for the Media arts classes *like video production*