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service I'd like to help Indie Filmmakers gain more Exposure

Hi indietalk Community-

My name's John and I truly love shining light on the independent film world. My reviews and interview questions are consistently thoughtful and genuine, reflecting the true joy in my work. This, from the many indie filmmakers I've worked with themselves, as well.

My fair and reasonable compensation is $30 per review with interviews for my time, effort, enthusiasm, talent and my valued readership following earned, cultivated and constantly expanding over several years. My current online platforms attract an ever-growing contingent of passionate indie movie fans and include The Quick Flick Critic, The Movie Blog, Twitter, IMDb, Facebook and WordPress. I am the only writer on the enormously popular The Movie Blog staff who consistently contributes pieces of high-quality spotlighting independent projects and the people behind them.

Please review my work at these links:

1) "The Quick Flick Critic"


2) "The Movie Blog"

"Howard Original" (2020): Filmmaker Natalie Rodriguez on her Homage to the Warped and Wonderful World of the Writer | The Movie Blog


3) Follow me on Twitter at:



I email a brief list of questions to filmmakers after watching their production via the private screener link I ask to graciously provide. I'll include all the platforms through which the film may be watched in my review, as well. Turnaround on my end is prompt.

I'm thrilled to help give indie film artists and their work increased exposure. May I look forward enthusiastically to teaming with you in doing so?

Thanks, Kind Regards & A Glorious New Year πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†βœŒοΈ for ALL of America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²!

John Smistad

"The Quick Flick Critic"


My new book of short stories, "Sliced Lives", is available now on amazon!
Sliced Lives: Volume 1 - Kindle edition by Smistad, John, Smistad, Jane. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com
Sorry but it's my site and I literally answered using text you posted. There seems to be a reason you are defensive, and I imagine it is because you charge for reviews so how can we expect to read unbiased reviews? I'm sure you understand.
You seem to have the issue not me. I helped a member by pointing out $30 is required when he asked about requirements. If $30 is not required you may correct me.
I truly don't have an issue, man. I'm also not any good with back and forth. If you think it's crap that I'm compensated for my work, cool. I am not offended. I'll move on. Peace. Lots of it.
You told me not to post on my own site. :lol: You can do what you like. I helped a member out and that's what we do here.
peace sign GIF