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I tried a new script; please, critique it

It’’s really great that you keep writing these days. That is a huge step up from not writing at all to writing various short scripts. So keep at it. Now that you have overcome the first challenge ( writing) it’s time to do something about your formatting and writing a good script. I think reading english scripts or some english novels will go a long way in your case. It can help you a great deal to fix these major grammatical errors in your script. And about this script : aside from formatting and grammatical issues, it seems you’re a bit confused about choosing your genre. Is it a horror or is it a comedy? Or is it a horror comedy? All good scripts are a combination of 2,3 genres with one genre being thematically more explored than the others. Your script doesn’t do that. It is tonally inconsistent ( again this is a problem i struggled with too) as the entire script is horror and then as a twist you add a comical scene to it, which to be honest isn’t comical at all .cause it doesn’t have any hint of realism in it. Johnny is their kid right? A mother isn’t gonna just stand in front of a burning house with her kid inside and sarcastically ask her husband:” haven’t you forgotten something?”( in this case someone). That’s not realistic, that’s maddness! It makes you question the sanity of the mother. Keeping the script tonally consistent is one of the hardest jobs of a writer, it needs a lot of practice . For example if you want to write a horror- comedy , you need to delicately combine these two genres DURING the course of the script. You can’t only explore the horror aspect and then at the end of the movie give it a comical vibe. That is inconsistent.
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I'll admit, you are getting somewhere regarding the perspective of the reader, but there's no Cut To and Title Card in a screenplay. Keep that for your jottings to guide the director.

I am also confused with the directing of the story. In her defense, it's only four pages after all. Is it possible that you can write the script in German then translated it after? I've been telling you that for months.