I thought about this title so long it's now a logline about a guy writing a title searching for much more — set against the backdrop of Starbucks.

I want to keep this post short and also give some fun facts about why I joined Indie Talk. Just like many of you — I'm also a writer, producer, director and overall passionate creative thinker.

I'm the founder of Popcorn Trailer, an entertainment production company built as a way to green light my film productions. I've released a few of my own films in theaters and digitally overs the years. I don't have any box office smashes to report. Just know I'm the guy that gets it done and creates opportunities outside of the traditional Hollywood process. I changed my way of thinking once I discovered that my ideas had a 3% change of being made into a movie by a major studio. This is a humbling thought for any filmmaker, however it's exactly what I needed in order to gain perceptive.

Even in the digital space — thousands of films will not get distribution on Netflix or Hulu since their number 1 objective is chasing original content from select producers. I decided to focus on giving myself the green-light and it's been a fun, productive, and most importantly educational ride. Recently, I've found a path in film distribution in which I license content for streaming on AVOD platforms through my company. I'm also excited about my next feature I'm currently writing.

I'll post more in the "Promotion & Networking" section of this site, if anyone is interested in hearing more about Popcorn Trailer and distribution.

Stay Creative!
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