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screenplay I know, but I did it anyway.


I have, over the years, read and re-read a particular writer, have done academic work on him, and have, I believe, some non trivial knowledge, understanding, and maybe even insight, into his work.

And so, several years ago, wanting to write something, I started a screenplay, an adaptation of one of his novels. I did it mainly for practice, to work out the format, and just to see what I might come up with. I had no real goal beyond this. I didn't imagine it as a serious project, as something to be sold. But I did imagine that, given enough time, going over and over it until each bit felt correct, it, eventually, would be perfect, in which case it might sell itself. :)

Anyway, the thing is done. It's not perfect, but it might be good. I don't know. I do know that the writing is not bad, and that it has some substance.

I've thought about trying to contact the owner of the intellectual property, the writer's daughter and CEO of the production company dedicated to adaptations of his work, to ask if she would want to read it. I draft letters, trying to show my serious engagement with her father's work, trying to show that I understand that an unsolicited, unsanctioned, adaptation of someone else's intellectual property is a bad idea (but that I have seem to have done it anyway), and trying give some assurance that I believe that the chances of someone simply stealing the script are the same as the chances of my claiming that this has happened. But I'm afraid I sound like some kind of nut. (I'm afraid I am some kind of nut, but, you know, what can you do?)

Anyway, this is my problem. The thing exists, sitting inside my ipad, and I don't know what to do with it. If it's hopeless it's hopeless, but I feel as if I should at least try to let it out.

I genuinely appreciate anyone taking the time to read this, and would really appreciate any thoughts or ideas. Thank you all so much.

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