I guess this is the "I'm new" forum. Here goes

I'm New. The name is Steve. I am in persuit of film. I am in love in almost a sexual way with all aspects of the craft. I'm an actor by day, mild manner filmaker by night.

I'll be around...

Harris, they call me sometimes
Welcome to the site Mr. Harris. I too am new to the industry and cannot stay away from this site. Glad to have ya!
Welcome and hello!

Well this is a cool place. I myself joined not too long ago, been about 4 minutes? 5? anyhow, excited to be here! I'm into film/video and music as well as combing them to create stories and art. Pretty fun stuff! I also have a strange love for marching band. . . . . . :!:
Ok just to clear things up. You can call me "lca" if you want, but it does stand for something: "Lights Camera Action. . . LCA. . .lca. . . " hehe
haha, no other nick name.

so what's the filmmaking scene like in Australia? I've never heard much of that area, just US, Canada, and the UK. . . .
Well, basically Australias film inustry is really poor.. it's a cultural market so to speak.. so there's no room for any young ones.. which is why I'm getting out of here as soon as I can.. to the uk actually.
Wow, there's lots of Steve's here. Cwazy. I guess Harris it is then.

I do apoligize that I've not been around. My schedule, like many of you I assume, is a bit hectic... a lot hectic. I'll be around more soon...

... You were warned.