I am a professional composer - I make anything from EDM to orchestral.

Hey, Adam here.

If you need any sort of score for your film, I am your man.

Pretty much everything you need to know is in the above video along with a short showcase.

My youtube channel contains all sorts of examples of my work, feel free to listen to them.

You can find out more on my website : http://adamalake.com

And my email is adamalake@alaicc.com

See you around!
Thanks for the offer. If you don't mind, for micro-budget projects, what is your typical rate?
That can vary a lot depending on your exact needs. If you email me your specific requirements (what type of a soundtrack, how long, etc.), I am sure we can work something out, even if your budget is small.
Nice stuff. How did you make the video for Theme of the Grineer?
Thank you very much.

First, I used FFMPEG to create a simple waveform visualisation video for the percussion track and a few versions of the background image - with and without logo and different color grading.

Then I did everything in the free version of DaVinci resolve where I merely automated the opacity of selected layers in time with the music.