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Humanity Trailer Final version (Hopefully) Feedback Appreciated!

Humanity Movie and Album Trailer “Final Cut”

HI! This is Asher, a young Australian male currently in University. After receiving a mountain of great feedback and criticism of the previous ‘cuts” of this trailer from many forums including this one, I hope I have finally arrived at the “definitive” version. This time I have shortened the whole trailer from 5 minutes to 2 minutes, severely pulled back / simplified the whole concept to a few title cards, composed and applied a completely new musical track, rid the teaser of the gofundme and enhanced the visuals. I would highly appreciate your opinions in regards to the trailers pacing, music, editing, visual quality, if the concept makes sense, if you are entertained, immersed etc. Or not. It all really helps.

The reason I have been asking for criticism is because I am aiming to show this trailer to record labels, grant organisations, and a variety of other donors. The trailer is in all ways a short letter opener, an introduction to a written pitch and a portfolio of Demo / Proof of Concept Materials. These materials being proof of concept films for the Humanity Film and Demo musical tracks for the Humanity Album that I have made to develop and prove the legitimacy of the project. Both the Film and Album accompany each other like two pillars of the project.

Again I highly appreciate all opinions, feedback, criticism, Thank you once again for all the help given.
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From what I've read about your project, it reminded me a lot about Marco Brambilla's work. I hope you're familiar with it, in order to take a different approach to the subject. I think anyway his work (also given the circumstances, he had a whole team and a budget to make it) looks a bit more polished than yours. I'll leave here a link so you can make your searches ;)

Anyway, keep it up and never stop following your dreams! :cheers:
I think that it was a smart move to shorten it to 2 minutes. People have a lot of media competing for their attention, and it pays to try and grab their attention pretty pretty early in the pitch. You might try using some free AI programs to generate more art resources.

I would probably dial back the trapcode shine a good bit, it's a good effect, but overusing it starts to detract from your work rather than enhancing it. it's really good for bringing a touch of life to a still picture, but on motion footage it starts to break down visually if you don't use it very sparingly. The biggest drawback to effects like shine or edgerays, is that the effect kind of overrides the footage beneath it when it's too strong, and reduces the clarity and punch of the core image.

I absolutely get the drive to make everything in a trailer look awesome and spectacular, but you should also try to sell the core product, which is history, education, etc. It feels like this ad focuses heavily on selling how big and amazing the project is, and spends less time getting people interested in history, and your version of it.

I'm sure you'll make many trailers, so here's a suggestion for another angle to try. Isolate a single interesting event in one of your episodes, and sell that to the viewer. In example, you could say "The Pyramid of Giza was one of the great architectural wonders of the ancient world, but for centuries, no one really knew how it was constructed. How were blocks of stone weighing multiple tons moved so far, and stacked so high in an age where construction technology was virtually non existent? Find out on next weeks episode of Humanity "The Pyramids"
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