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How would one do this:

This is a pretty cool music video -


It's inspired me to explore some possibilities of doing something akin to this with my own music.*

How would one go about this? I've edited a handful of videos together before in FCPX, but have no experience with effects like these. Would I need to shoot on a green screen to be able to remove the backgrounds? And then process using some as of yet unkown effects in (after effects? Motion? Premier?) I've not seen anything like that in FCPX.

Thanks guys, hoping you all can point me in mostly the right direction at least.

* I'm a musician first and "filmmaker" out of necessity and budget. Really I just edit stuff together for my own music. I've got a decent mirrorless SLR, some lights, and some editing software. But I only know what I've learned on my own, and it's just enough to make me dangerous.

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Cool, thanks guys I’ll have to do some experimenting- this is the first I’ve heard about the rotoscope, but I’ll do some learnin!