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marketing How to get press release out?

I'm just about done with my politically charged Mockumentary short that makes fun of Democrats. Anyone know of any services that allow you to do a press release all on one fell swoop? I'm gonna email conservative news link sites like DrudgeReport, TheLibertyDaily and CitizenFreePress. I know that media outlets like radio talk shows use these sites when they're looking for topics to talk about. All it takes is a link on a site like DrudgeReport for something to spread like wildfire.
Any other ideas helpful. Donald Trump himself might even tweet about my film.


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For the most part press releases are garbage. You pay to blast your release and it is picked up by small sites looking for free content to add ads to.

Social media is better. You are in control. You can use hashtags or pay for a broader targeted audience.

Major brands use social media and TV.

If you contact those sites they are likely to ignore or send you back their advertising rates.