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directing How to be a director people respect

it was, and to be fair, I'm a somewhat moody person. Sometimes I take offense where none is given, and it's admittedly not my best quality. on the other hand, you just went right back to making assumptions that I want or need some approval from others, generally regarded as a sign of weak character. I'm not looking for pity, what could I possibly build with that. Useless. I'm looking for help, and sometimes I'm just looking to vent some frustration, it's not the same thing as seeking pity. So you can at least see why I might react in such a way. Consider the fact that that is the only negative reaction I've posted towards any comment, this entire year. I was a bit annoyed that you came across as a somewhat pedantic based on such a simple original statement as "directors should know what they are doing, and care enough about their art to spend real time understanding the nuts and bolts, as opposed to being lazy and egotistical"

I get the venting side of things. I get I can come across as overbearing. As for pedantic, I can see how you could see it that way... but in all fairness, your topic was about "How to be a director people respect". It's right there in the title of the thread. I guess we both went a little off topic.

Honestly after so many replies, it kind of feels like we all agree for the most part.

Sure somewhat. For me, it's a little too early to tell. I think there maybe some fundamental differences in our views. Not that I think that's a bad thing.