Horror Festival Database

After compiling a list of horror friendly festivals and conventions, I thought it would be a cool thing to share with other filmmakers.

Click on the "Horror Fests and Cons" link at http://maddogmovies.com/almanac

Let me know what you think. It's by no means complete, so if you've got other events to add, let me know.

Great share! I was looking for a list of all the horror fests and cons! Thanks alot man. I'm looking to submit Voice of the Dead to a few of them. I saw some posted here, but this puts them all in one spot to look at. Hopefully you'll find more and add them to the list. But this is a good start. Thanks again. ;)
Mike, you might want to change the layout of the frames a bit.. the instructions thing takes up like 75% of the screen, leaving only a tiny amount for the actual list up top.
Will Vincent said:
Mike, you might want to change the layout of the frames a bit.. the instructions thing takes up like 75% of the screen, leaving only a tiny amount for the actual list up top.

Done. I had it set up with 800x600 screens in mind. Now it should work for any size, with 40% for the top and 60% for the bottom.

Let me know if there's event out there I've overlooked.

Of course, with some it's hard to know when this year's dates and deadlines will be.
Zensteve said:
(Being able to sort by entry-fee amount would be handy for the cheap weasels looking to stretch their festival budgeting.)


Some people are never satisfied!


I'm actually dredging through the event dates and deadlines right now -- making sure they're accurate. I'm about halfway through the H's. Some sites really bury those due dates and fees, and then of course they change from year to year.

In general, conventions that accept films for screening are cheaper than traditional festivals.(they're often free). So if you're looking to save money, start there.
More updates to the database! I've added the Google Maps function to each page. (Check to see how far you have to drive for the next event!)

I've added info on the following events:

Eyescream Short Film Festival - Australia's only (?) horror fest
Carnivale of Horror 2006
MiskatoniCON - Sweden's Lovecraft Festival
Haunted Newport
Horror Host Palooza!

Visit http://maddogmovies.com/blog/horror.php
Thanks for the love!

Time for more updates. Get info on the following fests:

George Eastman House Screenings
Genghis Con
Midnight Movie Madness at the Amherst Theatre
New York City Horror Film Festival Presents: Trailer Trash
Rue Morgue House of Horror
Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre
Chiller Theatre
Festival of Fantastic Films
Gerardmer Fantastic'art Festival
Screamfest Horror Festival (Florida)

Follow the link for the latest entries:
Now that the Halloween season is over, I went ahead and updated as much as I could for events in the next several months.

Visit the site at http://maddogmovies.com/blog/horror.php

Including info on the following events:

B-Movie Film Fest
Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film
Carnage Gaming Convention
Chicago Horror Fest
Cinema Wasteland Convention
Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival
Dark Karnival
Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival
Eerie Horror Film Festival and Screenplay Competition
Fangoria Weekend of Horrors
FrightFest UK
Gerardmer Fantastic'art Festival
Horrorfind Weekend
The Monster Bash Convention
Nevermore Film Festival
Toofy Film Fest
Another smattering of updates!

In addition to a shiny new design, there's updated info on some foreign fests and even one from far off Wisconsin.

It Came From Lake Michigan!
Macabro: Festival de Horror en Cine y Video
World Horror Convention 2007
Duistere Openbaringen (Dark Revelations)
Fantastisk Filmfestival (Lund, Sweden)
International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival
Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival
Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival
Weekend of Fear Film Festival
Fearless Tales Genre Fest
Freak Show Horror Film Festival
Screamfest Horror Convention (Florida)
Mingle Mangle: Horror Filmmakers and Fans
More updates!

Grindhouse Film Festival
Fantastic Fest
Horror Writers Association Annual Conference
Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival
Rue Morgue Festival of Fear
Salem Independent Horror Film Festival
Chicago Horror Fest
Chiller Theatre Convention
Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival
Espoo Cine International Film Festival
It Came From Lake Michigan!
Dead by Dawn

This sounds great! But I get this: