Hi, Im new

OK, spare me the hazing and n00b comments :D

Anyways Hi im Thomas and Im from Northern Cali in the town of Brentwood (Not the one OJ lives in.. yes there are 2 Brentwood Californias.. dont ask me why)

As a hobby i have been learning how to edit home movies using vegas video and i have learned to make some nice special effects with 3D Studio max and plan on taking lessons in making animation with 3D Studio max like bone and rigging and voice mimics.

Im looking forward to talking with many of you and learning for your own experiences and mistakes before getting into my own project. I want to learn about the cost of 35mm or even look into digital technology (Which would be alot cheaper im sure then transfering to 35mm which I understand cost around 300 dollars per minute. And im waiting for digital technology to get better and cheaper.

I would like a 3 color chip broadcast camera to video tape background shots for use with my special effects or if I learn how to direct people and learn how to hire actors and learn lighting and sound techniques.

so any advice you might want to throw at me would be helpful.

thanks for having me on.



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welcome ;)
OK, spare me the hazing and n00b comments :)

Hmmm... sounds like a double-dog-dare, if I ever heard one!



Here are some recent camera threads, btw, from Technology forum.


welcome man,this is a great site i would be more proud to live in the same town as o.j that would be sweet.

"dont fight the cops,ur fight is in the court room,hasnt o.j taught us anything"