Hey people!

Just wanted to introduce myself to this amazing community and to say


JOKES! I saw that 'no blatant advertising' comment and just couldn't resist.

Ah, the introduction, yes.
I'm a high school student living in New Zealand and intend to begin my filming as soon as I've paid off my TV.

I've been lurking this forum for a few weeks and decided to create my account a couple of days ago, eager to be a part of what seems to be a friendly and helpful community.

: D
Careful with that kind of stuff; had my mouse half-way to the ban-request button before seeing you were kidding. :hmm:

Whereabout's in NZ are you? I'm from Auckland, originally. :cool:

Any particular aspect og filmmaking interest you? Or going to be tryin' out all the different hats?

Welcome to the forums. :)
Haha, that concern had crossed my mind : D

Living in the North Shore at the moment, just out of Auckland city. It's a nice place, but faaar too boring.

Pretty much the whole creative process - writing, directing, filming, editing. One of my troubles is liking my projects to be MY projects too much, if that makes sense.
Thanks for the welcome : )