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Thank you DeceptionA for your comments, greatly appreciated :). For the copyright stuff, they will not take a 14 year old kid to court and anyway, I live miles away from the US, they'll never find me (joke, sorry if offended).
It's a fan film. It's been done before... even with the name Jurassic Park in the title, quite a few of them, planned anyway, I am unsure if they were finished but that has nothing to do with Universal. So far EVERY Jurassic Park fan I know is taking an interest and is excited for it. I might change the name, as it's currently called Jurassic Park: Prime Survival, I could change it to just Prime Survival, that would be ok.
For Universal, they do not care about the Jurassic Park movies anymore. Ugh, have you been reading the news? Crappy script writers working on the project, making the movie "funny"... no director on the project and generally no good news for 7 years. I hardly see how they would care. They grossed millions for the film, if I get a few pounds it's not mearly touching the sides of their pile of money. I will send a letter to Universal, to be on the same side. If they don't reply or even read it then I can say I asked them IF they feel offended by a fan of their project making something to almost tribute their films and come to get me.
Anyway, thanks for the positive comments and yes, thanks for the negative, I mean I'm glad I am aware of all of this now.
Filming more of the movie this sunday, just so you know :).
I don't think making the movie is the issue. I agree that Jack can have fun with it and learn a lot from the experience. There is always the possibility of a cease and desist order, but you can deal with that if and when it comes.

The two issues I see that are more serious are:

1) use of a trademark without permission - this is different than copyright infringement. If Universal can show that you've diluted their trademark, they can seek damages, even if you've not sold a product. (the best way to avoid this is to make it very clear on your web-site that you are not associated with Universal Studios in any way)

2) you'd be on very shaky ground if you ever try to profit from your efforts

Otherwise, notwithstanding trademark issues, Universal would probably ask you to stop using their intellectual property, if they took issue with it. They would not be likely to take any further legal action if you promptly complied with their request.
I think that jack is probably safe from being nailed for his fan film so long as he doesn't try to sell it. But that isn't the point of making a fan film. Besides, isn't a C&D for the most part someone telling you to stop or else?

At age 14, jack, you should be learning all you can from the experience of making the film. That is the best part. :)

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No major company is going to take a young filmmaker with a fan
film to court.

I am quite familiar with copyright law - it has never happened and
it likely never will. My advice to jack was to give him other
options so he might actually be able to make some movie from his

Copyright infringement is still wrong, but he's not facing jail or
The case of Mike Rowe vs. Microsoft was an interesting trademark case, although it was a very different situation. In the end, Mike came out pretty well, because Microsoft took a beating from the press. It is definitely bad press to sue a 15 year old for being industrious. The general population isn't going to agree that he/she is a threat to the corporate behemoth, so it becomes a David and Goliath thing, and everyone sides with David.

Still, it's good to be aware of applicable laws, just to be sure you don't unwittingly limit your options.
Thanks for the info guys. I have plans to explain how I'm not in anyway connected to Universal so I think it should be fine. Also before I release I will send them a letter, hoping that they read it.

Again, thanks :)>
Just found this:

A lawsuit involving a film called The Kentucky Fried Horror Show.


KFC sues an indie film: http://forums.myspace.com/t/3697945.aspx?fuseaction=forums.viewthread

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That movie is not a fan film like I'm doing, it's a film that is using KFC as an evil company that kills people. I hardly see the resemblance between that film and my film.
Like I said - I'm going to send a letter to Universal before I release the film to ask if it's ok, if it's not I'll simply change the name. There.
What I got from those two links was not that it was the subject matter, but the logos and the appearance of using that which was distinctive to KFC. YOU have a logo that looks like and is distinctive to Jurassic Park. That is what I was suggesting you look at....

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