help with my script

if anyone can help me with some ideas i could use it.
my friends and i are going to make a comedy about a bumbling spy
who has to recover some stolen plutonium before the villan destroys something.
we need a good title for it and any ideas to make it better.


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Not really enough to go on to help you with ideas, or a title. Can you post a detailed synopsis or mini treatment?
Apply the formula and you shouldn’t have a problem. Write-rewrite-write-rewrite-write-rewrite.

And call it Spy High. Make the spy a pot smoker. Better than that, make the spy a pot smoker that decides to quit smoking pot for good during the first five minutes of your movie. Suffering from withdraw he screws up over and over again until he smokes pot one last time and in a heroic effort he saves the day in an over the top action sequence.

There needs to a love interest. Make her hot and don’t give her too many lines. Make her the strong silent type. She loves the spy but she fears he will be worthless without his drug. She keeps a little bud in her purse for the right moment, which comes 15 minutes before the end credits roll.

There needs to be a villain. Call him Razor Blade. He makes endless puns using his name like, “I’m gonna blade you!” or, “The razor is in!” Or if he really thinks he has you he says, “this blade is for you!”

Switch the plutonium for an Internet virus. In the end the villain unleashes it but it only affects a few computers before it is terminated. The bad guy is put in Jail and the hero gets his girl and his bud back.

And give him a dog named Spyglass.