Hey there,

I'm currently a sophomore at Niagara University, going for a computer sci degree. Ever since high school i have been making stupid skate/jackass type videos with my friends, but the most fun part of that for me was the editing. since i got into editing i love playing around with special effects and such. whenever i read a tutorial on a new special effect i love trying it out. unfortunately my little sony consumer handheld has since died, and i have been camera-less for the last couple years.

recently i entered a very small commercial contest for my school, and won first place, winning one of those mini flip cameras. sadly enough this is the first camera ive had in a while (i shot the commercial using school cameras)

winning that contest has greatly inspired me to get back into some indie filmaking, and for that reason i have joined this forum. my first concern will be trying to figure out how to buy a nice prosumer camera, with pretty much no income (work study @ 260 dollars a month :( ) honestly i just love the cinema type DOF looks they have and strive to simulate that. my second concern will be to learn about adapters and lens and all that (33mm, 40mm wtf???) haha.

anyways hello everyone

edit: the commercial i won with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z1ewOViYP4
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