My name is Arno
Newbee from Switzerland.
Will start by reading The Location Sound Bible: How to Record Professional Dialog for Film and TV

Then I will look for a descend recorder under 1000$, and some microphone.

I'd like to record public concert, or church music.

I will see how I can work that.
Hi Arno!

As a sound guy I'm a bit confused. Production sound has very little to do with recording live music, (as opposed to studio recording) although they are different aspects of the craft of live sound capture. And even live music audio capture is different between musical genres - you approach an orchestral or choral performance much differently than you approach a rock concert. So, although your equipment will have the same basic components, the specific selections need to be considered.

If you are doing production sound you will have the mic on a boom-pole and be following the actors as the move about the set. If you are capturing live music performances - orchestral, choral and the like - the mics are static and placed for optimum sound quality, and the placements will depend upon the number of mics, the venue and other considerations.

So please ask specific, focused questions. Production sound and audio post are the sonic topics most often discussed here on IndieTalk. I have knowledge in both those areas as well as recording music in the studio. I know the basics of live music recording and sound support, and have even done some, but are not my specialties.



And Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!