Hello :)


Hello everyone, my name is Angela :) I'm 31 and I live in Queensland, Australia. When I was younger I wrote terrible short stories screenplays (that were never finished). Succinct isn't a word you'd use to describe me so the condensed version is; I used to write a lot, found myself in a relationship where that hobby was strongly discouraged, and now I haven't in a very long time. I watch youtube videos about writing and directing and stuff and I'd like to try again. So here I am :)


Thank you seanmannion :)

Well anyone can be a writer as long as you actually write haha :)
You got me there.

Once there was a woman who slept for 11 hours for no apparent reason. She woke up, made a coffee, then turned on her computer. She went on a site called Indie Talk and replied to some people who had welcomed her to the forums. When she typed 'Indie Talk' she wondered if there should be a space between the words. She decided to write it with a space and hope if it was wrong that nobody would notice. She hit submit and once again considered herself a writer.


Then she came back and edited her comment because she'd written 'without' when she meant 'with'.

The actual end.
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