My name is Kristian Fino. So this is my first time being in this forum. I'm a self-taught filmmaker I've made 4 short films on YouTube. 2 were good and the other 2 were not so bad but not good either. I've made one in High School that was my very first short film that was called It Came From the Woods which wasn't really good at all. I was too much into camera shots and angles and showing off atmosphere. I'm heavily influenced by film director Dario Argento for that matter. Ever since I saw his film Suspiria thats when it hit me that I want to make films to express visually as a storyteller. So I started watching a lot of his films and studied his craft and realized he can make some really great visual shots and make suspenseful music too. I later fell in love with widescreen films for visual reasons. I started watching other films made by other directors like John Carpenter, Brian De Palma, Sergio Leone etc,. And I just fell in love with the cinematography of their films. I got my first camera for christmas last year which is a Canon Rebel T5i and I started practicing on photography for storyboarding techniques. I'm not much into drawing. I've done 2 short films using my camera and the other 2 on different phones. I went to college in Oswego, NY and majored in film for only a year in one semester I didn't pass it because of classes like math and physics. So right now I have a job to support myself financially until I can find work at any film production or company. I'm so excited to be a part of this site.