Hello!!! I'm Carlos De La Cruz from Chile. I'm new to writing features and new to this forum. Can't wait to participate!

Hi everybody! I guess i'll try to present myself quickly.
Always wanted to be a filmmaker, and managed to study filmmaking in Hollywood, California, a couple of years ago. Because of my student VISA ending I had to move back to Chile, but I promised myself that I would work my ass off to get back there.
Sadly my fantasy of starting from the ground up here in Chile, making shortfilms to start the festival route and maybe that way get to Hollywood, hasn't worked out at all. Mainly because of me not knowing anybody in this already diminute chilean film industry that I could make films with, but also because of my lack of drive to go and do it anyway, Herzog style, Indie style.
Of course my brain has tried multiple times already to make me quit, forget it and do something else. But I just can't, movies are what I love. I need to go for it...
So I've decided on a new plan; I'll write, I'll write non-stop until the screenplays I'm submitting to contests and festivals are worthy of selection. I know that if manage to get to a certain point of skill in screenwriting I'll be considerable for representation, and I know that if I'm able to get some kind of representation, I'll be able to generate a pathway for me to go back to the US.
It's a crazy plan, I know it. It'll take time (patience) and a very strong discipline, but I'm just not stopping.
I can't wait to participate in this forum.
Hope everyone is having a good day!
See ya!