Hello From UK-Based Composer

Hi Paul. Thanks for checking out my work and thanks for the comments, much appreciated! Just had a look at some of your work and I love it! The Gein's Family Giftshop shorts literally had me laughing out loud and the overall look of your work is great. I'd love to work with you at some point if you're ever in need of a composer (although I'm sure you already have established connections). Cheers!


Welcome, Luke. West Yorkshire... we may be "almost neighbors" one day. I've thought about relocating to North Yorkshire, a little village named Thirsk (Palm Springs is nice if you golf... I don't). Every time I visit the UK, I stay a little longer. One day I may not come back.
Hi Bob, I suspect you may have only seen the nicer parts of Yorkshire. Sadly, as with anywhere I guess, there are nice areas and... not so nice areas, haha. Palm springs sounds much more appealing to me but as far as I'm aware, Thirsk is a nice little village (although I've never been myself). Thanks for the welcome also!