Hello from Peter Dizozza

I got your link from Eva Dorrepaal who is curating a film program for the Lower East Side Festival of the Arts.

Much of my own work is do-it-yourself independent although I am not averse to community input in shaping what I work on. I find great benefit from watching movies and always prefer film projection.

Some somewhat obscure movies come our way by way of turner classic movies (ie, the late 60's California movies of Agnes Varda).

I remember loving the experience of seeing the US Warner Brothers O Lucky Man at a theater called The Elgin (now called The Joyce.
Turner classic movies just broadcasted this absurdist movie and it awakens various mysteries as to how the movie even exists. (The easiest solution to that mystery is that If... and Clockwork Orange made Malcolm McDowell a bankable movie star when he was really just a consistently excellent, serious and sincere actor.

Malcolm McDowell portrayed a version of himself in his own education novel (with helpful interference from the If... screenwriter David Sherwin and director Lindsay Anderson).

The adolescent sense of on-point accuracy in its surrealism is nearly sustained for three hours, but unfortunately the original running time for the film is three hours and twenty minutes (I see the actual running times in minutes are 166 and 192).

Another example where an actor approaching movie stardom benefited from the release of a shortened version of a movie is David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth.

The other thing I'm discovering is that Jean Luc Godard's Rolling Stones movie is One + One and it runs 151 minutes. The ABKO Stones version called Sympathy for the Devil is 141 minutes. Is there any way to see the Godard version?

Last question, is there any way to find the Roberto Benigni playing Pinocchio (2003?) in Italian with English subtitles movie?

As for the movie that I submitted to the upcoming Lower East Side Festival Film Program, I'll talk about that in another thread.

Thank you for including me.