Hello from Finland


my name is Ilkka Tarumaa and I am a finnish independent movie maker.

Film making for me is more an hobby than a job, since I actually work in IT. I have done super8 films before in Ireland where I used to live and now in Finland I did my first, but hopefully not last feature film. All the super8 films and also the feature were silent films, for some strange reason :)

Maybe I should upgrade to "talkie" for my next project, time will tell...anyway nice to find this forum and be able to participate in it,

Welcome ! love to see some of your stuff. Ive ben round here for a while. I come and go. been busy playin around w/ video and the like. Im still learning and now Im playing w/ animation...more to come. Lots of good information here. Jump in any conversations and ask, tell or whatever.
Welcome Grasshopper!
I'm one of the audio guys here.
Always remember:

Your project will only look as good as it sounds, because
"Sound is half of the experience"


"Old man, how is it that you hear these things?"
"Young man, how is it that you do not?"