Hello again...

Just want to say "hello". Been off these forum threads for a long time... I joined back in 2003. Since then, I have moved from the house I built in 1989, Gahanna, (suburb of Columbus), Ohio to buying a house on the coast of Oregon (ocean to the west surrounded by forests and mountains). Ocean view from all my west windows... Portland 2 hours away.
I have a documentary going up TVOD in early 2018, titled SCARE... a finished, four-year project that is about the art of the 'live' scare. Visiting IndieTalk for the first time in a long time, I see many members that were around a few years back and many new names. Going to try to visit on a regular basis when I am able to... to see what others are doing, learning and promoting.
I dropped from many film-making forum sites due to being extremely busy, but IndieTalk is one site I have always placed above the others. A lot of really talented and fun people here. Tipped some beers with a few IndieTalk members, too. I rarely appeared on the forum threads, preferring to read the comments of others and learn. So hello again. Looking forward to reading what others are doing... but not saying too much.:lol:


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:welcome: back!