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Haze in stadium.

someone could give me any advice about creating haze on a covered stadium? Someone already fogged a big space like this? Using powerful fogger jets, can I expect a homogeneous haze after some time?

Thank you very much. :)
Exterior I assume? Day or night?

Hey indietalk,
it's a stadium with a retractable roof, made of a matte material.
Here the stadium's roof open: http://plataforma.amoesportes.com/Pictures/Noticia/2016/8/25/D75BCAAFC556A8ABAF6B5D1011A11766.jpg

And here, closing: http://s03.video.glbimg.com/x720/4082694.jpg

Day, with some 10k/20k for backlight and atmospheric light (for the case that the haze works). I never fogged any place even close to this greatness, don't know what to expect.


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Let me ask this way as it may help. Can you describe the scene? So technical aspects aside, what are we seeing exactly? Thanks!
Well, a little hard to explain as it contains a lot of shots. But basically it's a team entering in the field. The opponent team was already waiting and after their war cry, they turn around and notice something weird on the other side of the field. After some scared faces, we see a big crowd of people along with the players who joined the field in the beggning of the scene.