actors Have you ever watched any movie with a really sexy character?

What men find attractive varies greatly from culture to culture.

What men find attractive changes from generation to generation.

What men find attractive is as individual as men themselves.

Not all men are attracted just to a woman's physical attributes.

And what men find attractive can - and does - change as they get older.

The presentation of your initial posts came across as adolescent and misogynistic, and I cannot blame the distaff an other members of the forum for their replies. As a writer you really need to think about how you present your ideas. It took me quite a while to figure out just what you were actually asking.

Another film suggestion - "There's Something About Mary"
When did MRA's start posting on here? Lol.

OP, I'm with BB. It isn't just your original question -- it's how you phrased it. And since then, you've dug the ditch deeper and deeper.

But F' it, I'll answer your question -- any character played by Tina Fey -- intelligent, educated, outspoken, self-assured, and funny as shit. That's what I find sexy. And yes, Fey is also a very pretty woman but there's lots of pretty people in Hollywood. They don't all act like she does.