Has anyone done an online course about filmmaking that was good?

I've watched the Masterclass.com ones and thought they were interesting. And I started "Inside the Edit" though it was so slow. Any recommendations? Where do people go to learn about being better filmmaking (and not talking about software, lighting and cameras).
Film Riot on YouTube is good for inspiration and tips and cinestudy.org has some interactive projects to practice editing with. Hands on practice has always been the best way for me to learn personally. I’ve never been able to concentrate in online classes or retain anything but inspirational quotes.
That inside the edit it a very good course, even if you're not into documentary editing.

The hollywood camera work courses are top rate... though, if you think inside the edit is slow, you ain't seen nothing yet.

It'll depend on what you're trying to learn. For instance, Stacey Parks had a lot of good, hard to get content about the finance/distribution end of the business, however her material is a little haphazard. If you're not interested in that area, then I'm wasting my time recommending it to you.
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