Director and screenwriter in New York City.

Currently own a Sony A7s I and two cheap APS-C lenses (50mm and 35mm). Hoping to go full frame 24mm soon. Still on the fence whether I should go with a 35mm or the 24mm.

I'm still learning and this is why I decided to join this forum. Learn from fellow creatives, pick up some knowledge and maybe make some good connections.

The reason I'm rooting for the 24mm is because I'm still experimenting and end up setting up shots at home with myself a lot to see. A wider lens would make that a lot easier.

Plus after some research, finding out that Spielberg almost exclusively uses 21mm I was like: if I have a wide lens but need to closer, I can just literally go closer. I do not need ten thousand lenses.

So there's that.

I'm into movies and TV (obviously), Martial Arts, Poetry, fitness and nutrition.

Nice to meet you all. :thumbsup:
Thank you!

Cool. What's the max aperture on the 24mm-70mm? How pricey was it?

The ones I am finding for Sony are pretty pricey. But I am also ogling Sony or Zeiss lenses because I want reliable auto focus for when I am experimenting and don't have a camera operator.