Great Book on Crowdsourcing/Crowdfunding

Just joined after lurking forever. Female filmmaker from California. I'll leave that there since I made a post in the newbie forum and it says not to repeat. I do want to bring instant value and noticed the thread below about crowdfunding. This is by far the best book I've read on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. I bought the paperback last year, but it's also available for free on audiobook through Audible.

My plan now is to launch a campaign late in the year, but spending the first 6 months of 2019 building a following for what I want to shoot. Happy to answer questions and happy to be here!


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We welcome promotion here but this needs to be moved to the correct section if you are connected to it. Please be honest.
Goodness, no. As I said, I have lurked for a long time and as someone who is quite introverted it took me some time to join. I was just hoping to contribute immediately and since I saw the crowdfunding thread, this came to mind as I loved the book. I hope that's OK!