Grammer correction....

This thread keeps on giving...
If Jack helped you off the horse would you help Jack off the horse?

You tell me what's wrong with that sentence.

I have been a writer most of my life and I am somewhat of a grammar stickler. If you are going to write screenplays, novels, stories or manuals on repairing widgets you need to understand the written language.

Unless your audience is grammar impaired they are going to see obvious mistakes and they will not take you seriously if they think you are careless in that respect.

If you are not a good reader you are not going be a good writer, a good idea man maybe, but not a good writer.

I was contacted recently by an aspiring filmmaker and directed to his website. The verbiage (yes that is the CORRECT spelling) on his page was abysmal. It made little or no sense and barely got the point across as to what his movie was about.

I sent him a private email with a corrected version of his narrative.

He responded and said he knew his grammar was bad but that his editor had passed away and he had not found a replacement. The original version is still up on his site even though I told him to use my edited version.

I blame the public school system for most of this. They have quit holding students to standards in order to make life fair for everyone. I guess equal mediocrity is now the goal for higher learning.

If you don't want to take remedial courses to improve your grammar skills there are programs that you can run written pages through to check for spelling, grammar and syntax.

Just my thoughts for what they're worth.